Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happs (hardware apps)

Apple created the App Store in 2008: an online store where one can purchase applications for their mobile phone. Now in 2013, a number of competitors exist - Google, Amazon, Windows, etc. But, honestly app stores can do more. Apps can do more.

The internet of things, is the idea that the internet can be extended to everyday devices. Imagine that your dinner set - fork, spoon, knife, napkin, plate - can be manipulated with software applications. As you eat a meal, information about the meal is uploaded to the web.

Eating soup with a spoon? Let's stream the temperature, salt concentration, liquid density, saturation of oils, and more to our personal web profiles.

App stores can do more. Apps are extensively used to render graphics and perform calculations on operating systems. That's mundane. Let's create apps for utensils, cars, containers, and more. Let's expand the app store for the internet of things; for that truly is the future of mobile.

Timothy Montague