Monday, March 18, 2013

Cubicle Car

With the advent of Google's driver-less car, being led by Sebastian Thrun at Stanford - it pushes me to consider a world of mobile offices. This article explains my concept of the mobile office.

For those who are unaware, Google is attempting to build a car that can drive itself. In conjunction with Google Maps it's a perfect complement to their product line as they guide the company towards useful hardware. The concept and engineering of self-driving cars is nothing new, but it hasn't reached mass market. In fact, before the death of Steve Job, he dreamed of Apple building an iCar.

But, the value I foresee in the driver-less car is the mobile office. Imagine, that your phone, fax-machine, printer, and computer with email and chat - were all built into the driver-less car.

Microsoft is well known for their office products. And, I predict that if Microsoft offered a mobile office they might achieve the same success that Apple has had with their mobile phones.

No more driving to meet prospective business-partners. The driver-less car can take you to all your appointments while you work! Ready for your appoint? Just step out of the vehicle, or meet inside.

And for those concerned about sitting for long periods of time, the mobile office could function more like a segway and allow people to stand-up. Add a treadmill to the floor and you could jog and work while the mobile office drives you to your destination.


Tim Montague